Jacque sits his music exam on friday and I think he is much better prepared than his older brother thanks to you  - Jacque's mum on Jacques Grade 4 Aural preparation

Max has had such a ball over the break trying to write his own piece of music.  He has been taking your advice and trying lots of different things and he can't wait to show you.  Thank you so much for inspiring him.

My son has fallen in love with the guitar! Thanks so much for bringing the fun back to his music ... Zak truly is loving guitar more than any instrument he has ever played – thanks for that! (Zak's mum).


Thank you for all you have taught and put into Charlotte in terms of skill, love of and appreciation of music and  musicianship.....you have given her such a great start.  You are an outstanding teacher and will be difficult to replace ... we think you're just GREAT! (Charlotte's mum).


Michelle has taught our 11 year old son guitar for 3 years. Michelle is a fantastic teacher - really encouraging, patient and fun. Our son loves playing a wide variety of music - we couldn't have asked for a better person to teach him - Thank you Michelle! and ...

We appreciate the fantastic start to guitar that you have given Samuel - I think the teacher can make or break young kids starting out - and his experience has definitely been the former! (Samuel's mum).


Thanks for being an awesome teacher (from Samuel). PS I'll give you free tickets when I get famous! (maybe). Guitar Rocks!


To Michelle,

Thank you for being my teacher for the past years. You have really helped me acheive my goals in guitar and what person and style when I play the pieces of music. But overall, I am so grateful to have had you as a teacher. (from Rui, shortly after sitting his Grade 8 exam which he passed with Merit).


You are a very good teacher; my playing has improved so much since coming to NZ! (from Lih) (Although - author's note, to be fair, Gunter Herbig as a subsequent teacher has helped with that too. :-))


Thanks for all the lessons you have given Jake - he really enjoys guitar and I am pleased with his progress each week - even when he hasn't practised alot he seems to move ahead - a sign of a good teacher!!!!! (Jake's mum).


Michelle has a knack of extending your abilities beyond your own boundaries in a warm and gentle way  (from Bill). (Who swears I go out of my way to torment him!) :-)


Michelle has been my 16 year old son's guitar teacher for the past 4 years (2006-2009). She has been a wonderful teacher with lots of enthusiasm, encouragement and inspiring music pieces that have kept my son interested and motivated to play classical guitar. MIchelle also successfully prepared him for the TrinityGuildhall Grade Six exam, which he has passed recently (Erik's mum).


Sam is absolutely loving the lessons and we both have really appreciated your dedication, encouragement, patience, obvious knowledge and intelligence, and your kindness and understanding of our learning styles/commitments. Sam ... plays several times a day and is still avidly learning chords and songs from the internet and library books, as well as practising for his lessons. Very many thanks indeed for all your help and kindness and your interest in us both.  (Margaret, who learned with her son Sam for the past term).




michelle, we are finding that Dylan is really enjoying this now and obviously showing when he is with you. fantastic. ask him to show you him playing the guitar behind his head!!